“Because I’m the Boss”

Failing students, unsuccessful organizations, horribly run countries, intolerable kids... wonder where those stem from? Oh yeah! The people who lead them. You know? Those scary, scary people you call teachers, managers, country leaders, police officers and parents. It doesn't even stop there, I'm sure there's a lot more of these "scary people". After encountering, experiencing … Continue reading “Because I’m the Boss”


Ladies, let’s stop relying on men for these 5 things 

What do you all see in this picture? You could say a bunch of girls, a bunch of Asians, Asian fever and whatever other racist comment yall got (it's okay I'm not sensitive about that ish lol #proudAsian). Well let me tell you what I see. I see strong, independent, smart women that can survive with, … Continue reading Ladies, let’s stop relying on men for these 5 things