“Why don’t you just try Proactiv?”

Calling all my acne sistas and brothas! I am sure you all have heard this line before right?

“Why don’t you just try Proactiv?” 

Personally growing up struggling with acne for over 10 years now (wow I actually never realized it has been that long), I can relate to every single comment people make towards us peeps going through acne. I have come a very long way to accept my skin the way it is, although it was extremely difficult, it has been quite the relief not to worry anymore what people think of me and my acne.

So, this post is for those who make unnecessary judgements and comments towards those who have acne. 

I know what you’re thinkingggg. You are probably thinking – Stef, if you are referring to your featured picture, that is nothing compared to what I have. Honey, I knowww. You know how many filters are in that photo? More than the amount of pimples and blemishes I have on my face right now. So, yes, I am completely aware that that is not a real representation of what many depict as “acne”. Although, no one should feel as if we are competing on who actually has “acne”. There are all variations and severity of it.

If you are all wondering what my skin actually looks like, here it issssss. Real time – literally my current skin as I sit here and type. No filters, no beauty mode.


I know many people that suffer from acne find it very difficult to post a picture bare face, no make up or no filters but I have reached a point in my life where I literally do not care. Wear a smile with it honey! Admittedly, I do wear a small amount of light-weight foundation to cover up the more red areas the days I have to work, but to be honest, it doesn’t really do much. It is just for me to feel more presentable working in a professional environment. People can say what they want to say, BUT, again, it goes in one ear, and outttt the other.

Here is goes! 3 things people with acne hear all the time.


  1. Why don’t you just try Proactiv?

My goodness. The amount of times people have suggested this to me – I can be rich if I got $1000 for every time someone has said this. Everyone’s skin is DIFFERENT. Am I saying something new? Something out of the ordinary? D I F F E R E N T. Obviously, it’s great for those who have tried Proactiv and it works for them! Although, it seems like that is the only acne care solution that people without acne seem to know and just throws it out there like they know what they’re talking about. Personally, I have never tried Proactiv and I am not planning to for my own personal reasons. Seriously though, really, you all have to stop with this line.

  1. Just eat healthier. Drink more water.

WOAH? I did not know that! PLEASE people. Those who have acne have been aware of this advice the first day pimples started to pop on their face. Although water is a must, and I assure that everyone needs the sufficient amount of intake of water every day but just because you start drinking water, it doesn’t mean your acne will miraculously disappear. Maybe in a perfect world it would. Trust me, I drink more water than recommended and I still have pimples the size of craters still partying on my face 🙂

  1. Do you wash your face enough? Maybe try a different cleanser?

…………….. All I am going to say with this one is – just go look in the washroom of someone who has acne. See if they don’t have enough cleansers.

Everyone has their good days where you wake up and feel like it’s a dream because some of your pimples shrunk from the night before, and everyone has their bad days where it’s pimple party central on your face.

It has been a journey for me throughout the 10+ on going years accepting my acne. Through the good and bad days, I have learned to just go with the flow. No, it does not mean I am going to neglect my acne just because I say I “don’t care”. I still have to maintain a rigorous upkeep with my skin care and see dermatologists because that is just life with acne. My point is, it is JUST acne. Who cares what people think?! Seriously! I KNOW that for some people – it has taken over their entire self esteem, confidence and entire high school life, but trust me, the more you pay more attention to it, the more it will negatively affect you.

All my beautiful friends with acne – you are more than the marks on your face. If acne is what you are going to think about when you’re lying on your death bed, instead of all the wonderful things in life you could have done if you had stopped worrying about your acne, I suggest you start embracing the lovely friends on your face!


Mwah! xo


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