Happily ever after!

This past weekend, I got to witness my friend of 8 years get married. I haven’t been to many weddings, but each one that I have been to have made me so incredibly happy – especially this one! I have worked with the groom ever since I was 15 and to now see that he is so happily married makes me the most happiest friend. Accompanied alongside my other past co-workers – who honestly have become like a crazy family to me through the immense amount of time we have all spent together over the years, to celebrate his special day made the experience 100000x better. It was crazy to believe that 8 years ago we were all around 15 years old at our first or second summer job, and now we’re attending each other’s weddings?! Whaaaaaaaaat is this madness. Well, first one down, and many more to go!

Congratulations again to the beautiful Newlyweds!! ♥


So beautiful!



Congratulationssssss 😀



Like who has a planking contest at a wedding LOL


Never a dull moment with these 2


She was probably being sassy about something


Mi amor 


LOL the realest Jazzzzy J


I forgot the host’s name, but he was absolutely hilarious 


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