Day 2 – Home is where the heart is

I’m all about lounging around my house. When people ask me what I do on my days off of work… yup, you can find me at home! So, what better place to shoot than my own house.

At first it was really hard finding WHAT to take a picture of. Obviously, I see my house every single day, therefore everything seemed so mundane and “normal” to me that I had no particular interest towards anything. BUT. As I walked around my house, I actually got really inspired by objects I never really cared for on a day to day basis such as the chandelier in my living room which is actually so beautiful, the flowers on a post at the front entrance that brings a little colour to the area, and the Japanese lucky cats which are called Maneki-neko that gives me a little subliminal reminder of my culture and upbringing.

I tried to utilize the rule of thirds, depth of field and the concept of lines in the photos below. In fact, it took me sometime cropping these pictures in order to make them more aesthetically pleasing to look at. It is quite intriguing how much of a difference it makes when a photo is cropped correctly!



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