Free your mind

Today, free your mind.

Wake up, smell the air of life and open the blinds.

Break through the obstacles they say hurt.

Forget the voices that they call an alert.

An alert to stop your passion, your dream and your goal.

Please, I beg, don’t lose control.

The control of your life, your voice – your mind.

Let your thoughts and heart run free as they bind.

Allow your words to flow freely.

Confidently, loudly, indefinitely.

What’s your calling?

Your dream?

Your motivation?

Let me be the one who tells you yes among those that tells you no.

Live the life you choose six feet above before it’s time to rest six feet below.

Strength is beauty my love.

Grow, learn, and rise above.

To those who never said you could do it.

To those who never listened one bit.

To those who gave you nothing but doubts.

To those who wished for you nothing but droughts.

Make the right choice and do a favour to humankind.

Today, free your mind.


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