“We found a puppy outside! Come outside and look!” – Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful people!

Regardless if you love Valentine’s Day, you think it is stupid, or like me, you think it’s just another day that rolls in the cash because of all the roses and chocolates being bought – whatever it is you feel, just let people celebrate in peace and enjoy their lovey dovey shenanigans! I personally am not gaga over this particular day, but I can admit people do some pretty darn cute shit this day every year.

SPEAKING of some pretty darn cute shit (I should stop saying shit because it is starting to not sound cute anymore), this year’s Valentine’s in particular was quite the cutie patooooooootie one. You guys can probably guess what kind of post this is – it is story timeeeeee!

Ben and the guys probably executed the most cutest, funniest, sweetest surprise myself, V & C probably have ever experienced. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have already seen the picture of what went down, but you all here on my blog, you guys get the good stuff 😉 So after you read my little story, you can watch the full video.

Gosh, I seriously need to learn to get to the point when I do my intros. How has it been 3 paragraphs already? 

K seriously, no joke – NOW I’ll get into the story. 

Let’s go back maybe a month – a month and a half where all their planning started. I remember one day, Ben & I were just chilling and his phone was just going insane with messages, so naturally I glanced and DAMN I have never seen he snatched his phone so quick. And then we got into an argument because pictures of a girl’s nudes started popping up. Joking. Haha. Gotchu.

So obviously I have like laser vision eyes, I was able to catch a glimpse of Ben & the guy’s little group chat before he hid his phone. I read “guitar” and “C___” from “M___”, C’s boyfriend(Side note: C and M is just the initial of my friends, I prefer not to use their name – and no it is not because they are invisible friends – I HAVE REAL FRIENDS OKAY). 

As a girl… I automatically thought okay M is planning some romantical guitar session for C. I told Ben what I read and he like begged me not to say anything to the girls, sooo I said fine. But, again, as a girl, I couldn’t not say anything. So I told V&C that the guys were up to SOMETHING and that Ben wouldn’t show me his phone. Long story short, every time we would chill, all of us would bug them about being so secretive on their phones. 

Fast forward to Saturday, February 11th, we all planned a week prior to just chill at V’s place. You know, just eat food and watch a movie. 

C&I got to V’s place first at around 5:30-6ish and just talked about girl stuff, food, and more girl stuff. And OMGNESS how could I forget, we were also playing with Bella, V’s dog. She. is. literally. omg. I actually can’t, she is SO cute.

Pause for cute puppy picture! (She’s not really a puppy anymore but she is still as cute as a puppy so she remain a puppy to me)

By nature, because we all love food too much, we started to get hungry and began making food before the guys got there. 

By like 6:45ish while we were laying out the chicken wings, we were wondering where these guys were. That’s when I said they were probably up to something. Remember, at this point, I never told them about the guitar story because you know, I was being a good girl and keeping the secret. Anyways, I told them and V&C were just confused LOL. I was just all like I KNOW THEY ARE UP TO SOMETHING. But they said it might not even by anything serious. So, I calmed my excited butt down.

I think it was like 10-15 minutes later, M called in our group chat  and excitedly starting saying “Hello! Stef! There’s a puppy outside! We found a puppy! Come look! There’s a puppy!” So, you all probably know me by now, I was helllaaa excited, but kind of confused .. like why is there a puppy by itself outside. Like, where the owner at. AND THEN, it started to sink in… that it was sketchy and something was weird. Viv peered through the side of her curtain, turns around.. and says:

 “GUYS…. THEY HAVE GUITARS OUTSIDE.” …We all literally died. I just told them about guitars LOL.

ANYWAYS, I am going to end the story there because you all can watch the execution of everything below and have yourselves a good laugh.

Mwah! xo


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