Get to know me!


I love reading other blogger’s “5 facts about me” or “Get to know me posts” for the only reason of getting to know the author a little bit better. When I read absolutely anything, I always like to read it as if I am watching a movie if that makes any sense – it probably didn’t. In a nutshell, I learn and understand better if I am able to visualize – hence I love pictures, or when I have more background information about what I’m reading or watching. You know those people who ask a million questions during movies, games, lectures etc.? Yup, that’s me! Haha, I am genuinely sorry to those I annoy. Honestly, I’m just scared that I am missing out or not understanding everything to the fullest so I want to know everything to the T in order to enjoy the full experience.

Okay, enough rambling. Let’s get to it! Here I shall let you in on 8 facts you may not know about me:

1. As the picture suggests, I am obsessed… literally obsessed with dogs. Also alpacas too which I vow here right on this blog I WILL get a picture with an alpaca by the end of next year. 

2. I am the second child among 3 of my siblings. I have an older brother, and two younger sisters. 

3. I love food and sleep. Listen, when I say love – I mean LOVE. People think because I have such a tiny frame I don’t eat – well, it’s quite the opposite. As for sleep, don’t mess with my sleep. 

4. I am 5’5 and I’m pretty happy with my height.

5. I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a major in Hospitality & Tourism Management approx a year and a half ago. Do I remember anything I learned? Nope, don’t recommend it for a silly piece of paper. Joking kids, stay in school.

6. I live in a smaller city (comparing to Toronto) approx. 35 minutes north of Toronto, Ontario which I have been living in for more than 10 years to date. 

7. I fall on either extremities when it comes to patience and love. I’m either extremely patient or I can have the shortest temper. I highly recommend people to not test my patience 🙂 Similarly, when I love, I love – whether it is friendships, relationships or family. When I don’t, well, I don’t.

8. My wardrobe mainly consists of jeans, leggings, hoodies and jean jackets. After going through the teenage years of figuring out my style, well I have finally found it through one word and that is – comfort!

Well, I hope you got to know me a little bit better! It was oddly quite difficult writing 8 facts about myself haha, not quite sure why that was. Hope you’re having a SUPERFANTASTICAL day beautiful people!

Mwah! xo



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