Taco’d and brie’d into 2017 in Owen Sound!

OLA AMIGOS! HAPPY 2017 YA BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Oh my goodness, I cannot, absolute cannot process the fact that it is TWENTY SEVENTEEN. Like what?! Who allowed time to fly by this fast? I hope everyone had a joyous, happy, and love-filled holiday this past year. 2016 was definitely a heck of a year for me, and I’m sure for all of you as well. I swear year after year as I get older, time goes by faster, and things just get crazier and crazier.

Does anyone else feel the same way?! Ha, remember Stef when you wished you were older? I kind of want things to kind of slowwww its roll now.

Every new year, it’s always tradition to get together with the OG squad and celebrate, so this year it was no different. We got an Air BnB in Owen Sound this New Years and boy, we had no ragrats (like if you got the reference ahha). Like all my other travel posts, you all are going to re live my trip with me through pictures and my commentary throughout the post 🙂

Alright, grab a friend, chair, blanket, coffee, dog, cat, horse, alpaca, mom, dad, hamster or whatever you’d like and come with me to Owen Sound baby!


This was our air bnb in Owen Sound! The drive took approx 2.5-3 hours because it was snowing SO much while we were driving. We left at around 4:30ish-5pm, and got there Thursday night at approx. 8pm. Even arriving at the cottage was kind of freaky LOL. It’s such a small town up there, our cottage felt like it was in the middle of no where. Despite the crazy drive, and being slightly freaked out by our place at first, it only took the first light to be turned on in the cottage to see how cute it was inside! 🙂 I’m so glad my first Air bnb experience was a great one.


Their day bed in the living room area. So so cute!


There were a lot of inspirational quotes and sayings around the house which made it feel so homey. Our host was also so accommodating and replied so quick to our msgs.


I think the host really likes pine cones because there were ALOT of pine cone decorations around the place ahah.


The space next to the kitchen where you enter from outside.


This was Ben & I’s morning view from our room. So simple and cozy.


They even had a little cute Christmas tree!! Gosh I loved this place. We did a secret santa exchange the night after, so we placed all our presents under the tree 🙂


A panorama shot of the dining/living room area.


This is fast forward to Friday evening. Thursday night, C,V and M got to the place after Ben & I did, so we mostly just organized all of our groceries and place multiple games of Anomia until like 4am LOL. Whoever has not played this game, you have to! It’s honestly so fun. Alright back to this picture. This picture was taken at Inglis Falls. We got there around 5:15ish pm because we woke up pretty late Friday. There was a sign that said you weren’t allowed to enter if it was before sunrise or after sunset, but yeah… yolo we still went in and was sure as heck glad we did because it was so cool! I mean it has nothing on Niagara Falls but it sure was beautiful. We climbed into so many areas that we weren’t supposed to to get these pictures LOL.


Squad minus B. Selfie stick always comes clutch for group shot pics! The place was at 237897 Inglis Falls Rd, Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N6. If you ever go to this place, make sure you go after sunrise and before sunset or it gets really.. really.. really… dark ahha. Also, if I’m not wrong, it is only open Monday to Friday!


We used the light on C’s phone to get this picture for V ahhaha. She’s a cutie!


M & C 🙂


Ben didn’t trust what he was standing on so you can kind of tell in the picture he was just like ERKS let’s take this picture quick quick LOL.


I love car shots 🙂 After Inglis Falls, C was still feeling under the weather, so we went to Shoppers Drug Mart to get something to make her feel better. She ending up getting the Vicks Inhaler Nasal Stick and got so addicted to it LOL. (We all blamed Ben for introducing it to C)


This was M & C’s night for dinner, so since I’m not a master chef, I just went around and bugged everyone while they were trying to focus preparing food.




B got in Friday night and so it was perfect to do our secret santa exchange!! 😀 We all loved our gifts!


M & C KILLED IT with their BOMB AF Greek lemon chicken.


My mouth is watering again looking at this.


More pictures to make your mouth water.


Ben & I was on dessert duty Friday night and we made Turon. It’s a Filipino dessert wrap made with plantain rolled in brown sugar and jackfruit. This was a picture of it before it got dipped into the fryer.


We had our Turon with french vanilla ice cream 😀 It was soooo bomb. It was super super easy to make as well which I loved. After dessert, we finished the movie Chef on Netflix which I highly recommend to watch! It was so funny and also inspiring.


NEW YEARS EVE DAY! We woke up at around 10am Saturday morning. We promised each other we would wake up at 8am to have lots of time at Blue Mountain…. yup didn’t happen LOL.


Photoshoots to keep me company for the drive. The drive to Blue Mountain took an hour from Owen Sound which wasn’t too bad.


I’m going rant a little bit before I get into this happy picture. After we rented our snow shoes which on the bright side was only $15 for 4 hours, we spent FOREVER trying to find the trail to snow shoe. I’m not even joking you, it took us around 30-40 minutes to find the stupid trail. We asked everyone and no one could give us an exact answer as to where we were supposed to go. We finally found it after wandering around and asking basically every worker there. TIP. For those of you who are planning to go snowshoeing at Blue Mountain, the trail we went to is basically right on the left of the Waterfall run (where the Beavertail hut is and the fireplace). You first just have to snow shoe on the very left of the run to avoid getting trampled over by skiers and snowboarders. SO YEAH. Blue Mountain, if you see this, please let snow shoers know where to go.


C & I 🙂


Haha this is our typical high school pictures.


I actually got SO hot walking up the mountain omg. The next time I go, I am definitely going to wear a lighter, breathable jacket.


Everyone clearly looks like they are enjoying the pic LOL


After maybe 2 hours of snow shoeing (which felt like a long time), we decided to get Beavertails! We also met up with V because she was snowboarding while we were snow shoeing.


Ben & I shared The Avalanche. It originally comes with Skor, but since I really don’t like Skor, I swapped it for Oreos 🙂 The icing is cream cheese, topped with caramel sauce! It was so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 good, especially in the cold weather.


B & V. New Beavertails ad? 😉


We all sat around the fireplace to think about what we all wanted to do next. Myself, C & B decided to stay back at the Chalet to chillax, while M, V & Ben went to snowboard. It was Ben’s first time snowboarding and he turned out to love it so much!


The view of some of the runs from the parking lot. We left Blue at around 8pm so that we could get back to our place and make food before bringing in 2017!


It was B & V’s turn for dinner and they killed it with the tacos!! Def a fun Mexican meal. C also popped some Brie into the oven which was so good with some sliced baguette. We all pitched in together to help prep. With some good music and good company, it was literally a BLAST making and eating the food together.


Leave it to me to bother everyone while they’re trying to do things.



Haha these two taking selfies.


I’m SO sad I can’t post videos on here, because if I could I think you all would burst into tears laughing at the snapchat video. By far my favourite snapchat vid of the trip LOL. I forgot what M & B were jamming to while washing dishes, but I bet you it was a good tune.


M & C prepared for us fondue!!!! Yummmmm.



We toasted to some brie and ate some tacos at 12am, January 1, 2017! Saturday night was probably one of the funniest nights of the trip. After finishing the food, finishing the dishes we played beer pong, which was more like water pong because most of us really don’t drink LOL. Although the girls lost, we still run the world 😉 After that, we played a game of flip cup where I spat out all my water because I poured so much in my cup ahhaha. To end off the night, we watched The Awakening and 10 minutes of Home for cute images to blur out the faces from The Awakening. I think we ended up sleeping at around 5am-6am LOL.


Fast forward to Sunday morning/afternoon – more like afternoon, we all woke up at 12pm. We made all of our leftovers which was a combination of all our meals and it was GOOD. It’s so nice eating with good company. We share so many differences and similarities which bring so much laughter to the table.


Close up of our nachos! C prepped it so well!! Don’t you hate it when you get nachos at restaurants and there’s ONLY toppings on the top, but nahhhh C blessed us and made sure each nacho piece had toppings 🙂


Picture of the squad. So happy that I got to ring 2017 with all these amazing individuals! It beats any club or party out there. Nothing but love and serious laughter with these ones. 2016 was amazing, but I hope to share more memories with these amazing people in 2017!


Ben was really fascinated with the wind farm we drove by and asked me to snap some pictures and videos. It took me like 20 shots to get a decent one. Also, catch the moon and star in the corner! I was so mesmerized by the sunset, it was a killer view to drive by. And after the trip, we were back again to the real world! Asta la vista baby.

And that was the last bit of my 2016! Again, I hope you all enjoyed your New Years however you celebrated it. I always tell myself that although a year can bring a lot of obstacles, it should never be called a bad year because every road block is just a step closer to your success. I’m so excited for 2017, because like last year I am ready for all the crazy awesome sh*t I’m going to learn! 

Until my next post,

Mwah! xo


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