Falling in “love at first sight”?

So, I’m going to cut straight to the topic in this one and avoid the ramble that I usually give you guys. Falling in love at first sight. That sentence, I’m telling you all right now just ERKS me. NOW WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND THOUGHT THAT THIS WAS A FACTUAL, REASONABLE, HUMANABLE

(I know it’s not a word, calm down friends) concept? Please tell me who and I will give you a cash reward. I’ll put a wanted sign all over the world.

If you start off by telling me you fell in love with your significant other the FIRST second you saw them, I’m sorry but I will have to walk away and stick my head in a trash can because of the garbage that just went into my ears.

I have been wanting to write a post about this for quite a while, but I procrastinate so that is why it took me this long. Any who, I feel quite strongly about this and I hope no one ever teaches their child this. So with that said, I will now present you:

3 reasons why I think falling in love at first sight is the biggest bunch of kaka I have ever heard.

1. It is lust, not love.

This is the main reason why you cannot love someone the first time you meet them. Either you tell yourself you love that person but you honestly just want to get it in because they are smoking hot or you have do not have a complete clue what love really is. I can write a whole post about what love actually is, but I’ll leave that for another one. It is a fact that yes you can be extremely attracted to someone else at a first sight, but have you smelled their farts? or felt their uncut toe nails graze you in the middle of the night? or hear them when they are at their angriest? or see them interacting with their family or yours? I can go on and on. Point is, if you cannot accept someone else’s weaknesses/flaws, you are not in love my dear. Don’t try and tell me you can even tell what someone’s weaknesses are after the first conversation you have with them about the weather outside.

2. Social media is to blame.

I think a lot of people are influenced greatly by the media and how it portrays relationships. In our world today, everyone posts obviously the happy, beautiful, awesome aspects of their relationships which indirectly influences young teens to believe that that is what is real. This concept of falling in love at first sight is a reflection of the relationships that are in the media nowadays. It is presumed to be so easy to see someone, love them, marry them and then happily live ever after. Yet, when they get into them, it is a WHOLE different story and that’s why little girls and boys are changing their relationship status quicker than they change their underwear. In my opinion, “love” is 20% of that mushy gushy stuff you see on your Instagram feed and 80% of the things you don’t see on social media.

3. “Love” is thrown around like nothing because of this phrase. 

I’m no one to tell other people how to love, but I believe that this word is just tossed around like a ball now a days. A concrete, solidified, substantial relationship takes a lot more work than giving someone flowers and saying sorry. It takes commitment, it takes consistent communication, it takes months and years of understanding one another and how the two individuals are able to successfully trust and accept each other through the ups and downs. Personally, this word “love” doesn’t really mean much anymore due to the silly contexts people use it in.

Everyone has their own opinions on this matter which I totally respect. Although, I felt that I really needed to write this post because to me, I feel like no one really knows what love is anymore. It’s just a word tossed around when you’re happy but taken back when you’re not. So, if this resonated with you, props to you sista/brotha. 

P.S. Hope you beautiful people are having an amazing holiday!

Mwah xo!




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