We ate our way through Ottawa!

This year for our weekend getaway, the bf & I chose Ottawa! I haven’t been to Ottawa since GRADE FIVE, so with my horrible memory, I did not remember a single thing about the city. Honestly, it’s a good thing because I did not have any sort of expectations like I do when I have previously visited a place. A super duper duper plus side of visiting Ottawa was visiting my friend of 10 years whom I have not seen in absolute foreverrrrrrr. I swear the last time I saw her was maybe over a year ago? We have been going back and forth about me visiting her for the longest time, and now it finally happened!

The funny thing is, the first OMG moment I had when we were driving into downtown Ottawa was that they had a specific sign for “Eldery Persons” haha, how cute is that. For the most part of the trip, we just ate… ate… and ate. I will always believe that the only way you learn more about a new place is through its food and its people!

I will share with you beauties my experience in Ottawa through pictures. So get ready, grab popcorn, chips, your friend, your cat, your dog, your blanket, your lamp, and whatever it is you want to grab and get ready to relive Ottawa with meeeeee! 🙂


The trip to Ottawa was approximately a 4 and a half hour – 5 hour drive including breaks as well as taking into consideration the snowy driving conditions. I always love long road trips with Ben because his driving skills are amazing and I don’t feel like I am going to die. This picture was probably taken about 2-3 hours into the drive I am going to guess because I remember starting to get really antsy sitting in one spot for so long. I had to do something to distract myself, so I had my own photo shoot while he was trying to concentrate on the roads. Look how pleased he looks with me 🙂


He even got a new profile picture with my photo shoot session.


We checked into our hotel then WE MET UP WITH D! I was so excited to see her. We chatted at the hotel for a bit and took so many snaps LOL before we actually went to go out to eat. I remember back in high school, we used to lie to so many people telling them we were cousins and everyone believed us. I think in Grade 12, we finally broke it to one of our friends that we weren’t actually cousins and he was so shocked ahahha. That was 4 years of believing we were related.


I would do anything for a bomb a** burger, so we decided to go to Burgers n’ Fries Forever a.k.a BFF for dinner! I found this place online and it got amazing reviews. This burger joint is located on 329 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1×9. FYI for parking – there’s not a designated parking lot for this place, but parking on streets are free on weekends so that was a plus! I apologize I didn’t get any good pictures of the burgers 😦 I got the BFF2 burger and it was DEEELISH. The prices ranged from $9-$13 for burgers.




After spending FOREVER in BFF (we seriously spent like 2-3 hours in there just talking LOL But it was awesome because I haven’t seen D in so long!), we went back to the hotel to freshen up and then we walked to the Parliament for the light show! This picture here is taken on Spark Street. Although it was super empty, the stores and shops were SO cute to look at. Ottawa has the cutest little shops and cafes!


We finally got to the Parliament after D directing us in the opposite direction. D & I both have always had a horrible sense of direction hahah so I can’t really complain. This is the Centennial Flame which commemorates Canada’s 100th anniversary as a Confederation. Some people throw coins in it for good luck and all that sha bang. As for me, I ran after the fire because I was FREEZING and needed some sort of warmth. Serves all sorts of purposes eh? 😀


The light show at the Parliament was awesome! Although it is no match to Disney’s Magic Kingdom’s show, it did bring me back to the Disney feels. We got there when there weren’t many people, so I was glad for that because I was not excited to squeeze through large crowds. The light show lasted for approx 7 minutes if I’m not wrong. Tip/common sense: DRESS WARM. Dress like an Eskimo. It is freezing in Ottawa! 


This dog was a very big distraction for me throughout the light show LOL. I kept on wanting to play with it (I forgot what gender the dog was – hence I say it).


I love this picture! I felt so Canadian ahahah.


Oh, I forgot to mention, we also met with D’s friend who is in the very left of the picture! 🙂 Although Ben cut off the tip of the Parliament, the picture nonetheless still came out very cute!


After the Parliament, we walked around Downtown Ottawa with these two cuties as our tour guides. M thought these were the prettiest lights, so we had to stop and take photos. How cute are they!


I think Ben & I nailed it.


D & M said we had to go to the ByWard Market, so that’s exactly what we did! One thing I really did love about Ottawa was that EVERYTHING is so freakin’ close to each other. I thought everything in Toronto was close to each other, but Ottawa just beat them. Also, for anyone travelling from outside of Ontario/Canada, trying a Beavertail is a must! I’ve had Beavertails in the past, so I didn’t grab one but the little shack was too cute not to take a picture of!


It was getting way to cold outside so we decided to find a cute Cafe, and we ended up at Oh so Good Desserts & Coffee House located on 25 York St., Ottawa, ON K1N 9J6. As soon as we entered, the FIRST thing that came to mind was wait… it’s a Saturday night… and I don’t have to wait over an hour to be seated? WHAT? Mind blown. Even the streets in Ottawa are super quiet and peaceful – no wonder people love to retire in this city! Speaking of the Cafe itself, it was absolutely lovely. Service was great, cakes were delish, the atmosphere was extremely cozy and you didn’t have to scream over other people to have a conversation with your friends. We got 2 ferrero rocher cakes, 1 matcha green tea cake, 3 hot apple ciders and an apple cinnamon tea. I discovered I LOVE apple cinnamon tea. It was so good I NEED to find a cafe here that has it. We stayed at the Cafe until it closed LOL because we were just so caught up with chatting! I think it was 12am-1am when we left. I honestly love just spending time and chatting at Cafes. It is so relaxing and goes to show you don’t need to always spend tons of money to have a great time with one another! So, that concluded our Saturday night.


Fast forward to Sunday morning/afternoon ish, we all planned to go get brunch together! D & M met us at the hotel, and we drove to our decided brunch location. Although, upon arrival, they said it was going to be a 40 minute wait which we were fine with but we just didn’t know what to do for all that time. Well, knowing us we spotted a picture of a cat on an Ice Cream shop, so we decided ice cream before brunch LOL. This cute place, MooShu Ice Cream & Kitchen is located on 477 Bank St., Ottawa, ON K2P 1Z2. The variety of ice cream flavours were SO unique – some being Hong Kong Milk Tea, Froot Loops Cereal Milk, Lime Leaf + Fresh Mint, and Black Sesame. On top of the place being SO darn cute, the service there was amazing! The ladies were so welcoming and patient with us choosing what we wanted as well as allowing us to taste test basically all flavours. Gosh, it was so good. I chose Froot Loops Cereal Milk 🙂 M got Hong Kong Milk Tea and D got Hong Kong Milk Tea  and one other flavour that I sadly forgot. Ben’s stomach hurts if he eats too much ice cream, so he got the Matcha au lait drink which was super good as well!


I just had to take a selfie. (The cones range from $1.50 for a baby cone to approx $7 for a double scoop!). My single scoop was approx $4.


I love people who love to eat!


D got a text saying our table was ready! YAY. We were so excited to eat. Wilf & Ada’s I again found on google (I always research food before I got to new places) which is located on 510 Bank St., Ottawa, ON K2P 1Z4. 


I love panorama shots! D did the honours of taking this cool shot because I suck at panoramas.




This place was AMAZING – I was literally in love. Although, the prices of food in Ottawa are SLIGHTLY more expensive, for this place – it was worth it. I got their version of an Eggs Benedict (bottom left), which was Blackstone on the menu and it was BY FAR the best eggs benny I have ever ever ever ever had. The whole plate was balanced, the sauce wasn’t too heavy like I’ve had in the past and all the flavours just blended together so well. Another aspect of the dish that I loved about it as well was the fact that I didn’t get a MOUNTAIN of potatoes like I usually do. Bottom right – Ben got Dagwood ($16.50), Top right – M got Blackstone as well ($14), Top left – D got Florentine ($14). 


Blackstone up close and personal.


Florentine up close and personal.


I had mentioned earlier Ben got the Matcha au lait at MooShu and I LOVED it. So, after brunch I couldn’t resist and had to go back for one before we headed to our next place! (It was approx $4-$5)


The mall is always a go to place, so we headed to Rideau Centre. It’s located on 50 Rideau St #300, Ottawa, ON K1N 9J7. It was definitely a very, very beautiful mall. D & M told us that it has went through quite a few renos throughout the years. Whoever lives in Toronto, it is basically a mini version of the Eaton Centre!


The lighting was on point in the washroom, so had to stop for a selfie.


The cashier told us they have Squish in Toronto, but I have NEVER seen it. They sell gourmet candies and man they’re so good! Ben & I had to buy some.



Sour Power is my favvvvvv.


After the mall, IT WAS THE LONG AWAITED TRIP TO SEE THE PUPPIES. Omg I was so so so excited, I couldn’t hold in my excitement. We headed to D’s other friend’s place to see his puppies and this was how D was greeted LOL I am not even exaggerating the puppies attacked her (obviously in a friendly way) like this for a good 5 minutes. They basically licked all her makeup off. I mean who needs make-up wipes when you have puppies?




EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. They’re half Pitbull, quarter Husky and quarter Rottweiler if you were curious.




How beautiful is she.


Look how big they are as puppies! They’re only approx 5 months old and 20ish pounds. Imagine them full grown at 50 pounds! This moment was so precious. Jax was sleeping because she was so exhausted and Ellie just walked over and plopped right beside her sister! SO CUTE I actually can’t contain my excitement. Behind the puppies is also another M, the owner of these 2 adorable adorable furry cuties.


After spending what felt like a million hours with the puppies, we all started to get hungry so of course it was food time! The saddest part was leaving the puppies 😦 D recommended a famous taco joint in Ottawa called El Camino, located on 380 Elgin St., Ottawa, ON K2P 1M9. We went in expecting to wait at least half an hour to an hour for a table, but we got lucky and got seated within 15 minutes! Their simple menu just focuses on their tacos. It was approx $5-$6 per taco which is on the pricey side. This is their Chorizo taco which – funny story, I only lasted a bite because I bit into a jalapeno and started crying LOL. All their tacos have jalapenos FYI. My FAVOURITE taco which was SO GOOD was their Ox Tongue taco which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of. I know it sounds gross, but it’s a MUST on their menu in my opinion. We each got approx 2-3 tacos each which was a good number per person because we had ordered chips & salsa as well as papaya salad to start.


After dinner which was around 9pm-10pm, everyone had work the next day or had to study, so we called it a night. Ben and I dropped everyone off at their places. D, M & M made Ottawa SUCH a blast for us. I’d like to thank them for spending all weekend with us and being such awesome tour guides! We love you alllllllll and the puppies 😉 I was so comfy nestled in the couch I made Ben take selfies with me haha.


I forgot to mention! We stayed at the Residence Inn Downtown Ottawa which was such a great location in respects to all the sightseeing destinations in Ottawa. It had its own kitchen as well if you didn’t want to be like us and eat out a million times. We spent the rest of the night eating berries (because I felt like I needed something healthy to balance all the food we ate) and watching Black Mirror on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, it’s an awesome series! Sorry if you don’t like feet. But yeah. There’s my foot.


Finally, back home we went the next day. Thanks Ottawa and friends for showing us a great time 🙂 We will be back to skate on the Rideau Canal!

I hope this encouraged some of you to visit our capital city! I know it’s no Toronto, but it is definitely a very relaxing city to be in when you want to escape from the busy go go go Toronto city life.

Stay tuned for more adventures!!

Mwah xo.



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