I’m 23?! – B&W Series

Holy ga-molly gosh peanut butter and jelly time flies! I can still remember friends and family wishing me a happy 16th birthday, and now it just all of a sudden turn into 23! First off, thank you to all of those who wished me a happy birthday, YOU ROCK MY SOCKS 🙂 My 22nd year of existence was not always flowers and butterflies, but that only taught me so much more about myself and the person I stand to be today – which by the way I am SO happy at where I am currently. Turning 23 by far has been my favourite so far, but I am only one day in soooo I don’t really have anything to compare it to haha!

My heart was so full this birthday from being able to surpass my fundraising goal totaling $900 for The Yellow Brick House (an organization that supports and provides services for women that are victims of domestic violence) to being able to spend a whole weekend with family in Niagara Falls to just receiving all the wishes and support from all my loved ones – I don’t have words to describe how blessed and accomplished I felt.

So0o0o0o0o, I was feeling kinda black and white because, well just because I felt like it, and because of my current emotions I turned all my birthday weekend pictures into my feelings (don’t worry I’m not sad, B&W are happy colours too)! Check check check my b&w photo series out. Also, if you all would like to stick around after my pictures, I list 5 lessons I have learned in my 22nd year of living.1480991113572148099203481214809916458921480991576587148099088624814809908560031480990833120148099081322114809907787961480990956517


@ Tony Romas – THE BEST restaurant for ribs – like when I mean THE best, I MEAN IT IS THE BEST AND YOU ALL NEED TO GET THEIR BABY BACK RIBS



Fun Fact: I was SO excited when I saw this Mickey sweater @ Forever 21, I bought it and I wore it for 2 days straight. Like look how cute he is, how can you not?



This was from my snapchat so I apologize for the horrific quality, but our view from the hotel was breathtaking!


IHOP SUCKS now. Oh gosh it is TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. I was honestly so sad how bad the quality has dropped here. This was one of my favourite breakfast spots in Niagara.


Pillow shopping for Yellow Brick House!



Writing personalized cards got me pretty emotional!



Unloading all the pillows was my favourite part haha!



Thank you to my brother and his girlfriend for the cake 🙂

YAY you all made it here! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures just as much as I loved editing and sharing them with you all 🙂 One day I will get a legitimate camera, instead of letting you all look at phone quality pictures.

SO, here we go. 5 lessons I learned at 22:


Never change your morals & values in order to please someone else. More often than not do people alter their own beliefs to make others happy. Don’t. People who love you will love you for who you are and what you stand for.


If you aren’t satisfied with your job, do something about it. A lot of individuals have the mentality that you have to stick to a job because you feel like there isn’t anything else out there. Truth is, there is SO much out there for you. Jobs should be something you at least somewhat enjoy and have some interest in – potentially building a career out of it. I always tell people – yes the company is interviewing you, but you should also interview the company. Are THEY right for YOU?


Surround yourself with positive people, who exude positive vibes and who want to make you a positive individual. We can get caught up with toxic friends and people who just bring you down and are not genuinely happy for your successes. Now, I am not saying everyone has to be preppy and jolly 24/7, but in the sense that you have a strong and concrete outlook in life.


Find a hobby. This is probably my favourite one. I remember when I felt like my days were filled with utter BOREDOM. As many of you can agree, for the most part no one LOVES their job (and if you do, you are on the right track my dear!), so having a hobby is nice because you get to come home and do something you genuinely enjoy! For me, it is now blogging. When I blog, I feel like I am in a whole different universe.


Last by not least, do not overthink things. I am the type of person that just thinks and thinks and thinks and thinks. Sometimes I wonder if that is the reason why my head is so big because I have so many thoughts stored in there. One trait I envy of certain people is their ability to just be chill all the freakin’ time! I just remind myself now – if it happened, it happenED, meaning it is in the past tense so keep it in the past and move on.

And that is itttt. I hope you all enjoyed this one cause I sure had a heck of a time writing it 🙂 Also, I wish all my December babies a very very happy birthday! 

Mwah! xoxo


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