“Complaining doesn’t get your food to you faster”

Whoever has worked with me in the past, or works in the industry can especially relate to all of those above. For those of you who do not quite comprehend the memes, let me enlighten you my friends. 

This is a very long awaited post I have been ITCHING to write. I have worked in Food & Beverage in an Attractions setting holding roles from bottom line service staff to supervisory and management ever since I was 15 years old. With me having just left the industry 3 months ago made it 7 years that I have served in the exhausting, yet extremely rewarding industry. Therefore, I would say I am somewhat credible to be writing this. Now, if you know anything about me, you know I am an extremely service-oriented individual. That is probably why I fell in love with the hospitality industry in the first place because seeing people happy simply makes me happy.

SO, what makes ME tick is when I’m in line ordering food and I see staff hustling, managers on front line, cooks flipping and turning and wrapping left and right and that ONE person at the front that starts with “THIS IS RIDICULOUS I HAVE BEEN WAITING….”. Stop right there. It has been only 8 minutes, so don’t you dare say it has been 30. Simply put, one of my biggest pet peeve in life will always be those who cannot empathize with people who work in the hospitality industry.

Without further ado, let me give you 5 reasons out of the 190281391823912 reasons why you should start thanking and stop complaining.

1. Complaining doesn’t get your food to you faster.

I cannot preach this enough. The more you stand there and shout at all the people behind the counter, the more you will either irritate them or make them work slower because they have to take the time that they could have been using to wrap your burger or make your drink to come and calm you down. Listen, unless you see all the staff standing there twiddling their thumbs or picking their nose while there is a massive line, you should just wait there patiently like the rest of the customers are doing and just wait for your food.

2. There is something called break time, even when it’s during a lunch rush. WOW – is that shocking?

I know the industry is admittedly horrible for giving staff breaks on time, but they try to okay? So, you yelling at the manager who has a break till in one hand, a drink in the other with the card of the employee is replacing the other employee who is going on break, like what is that are you trying to accomplish? Sweetie, it takes a maximum of 4 minutes or even less to switch a till for the poor employee that might have not taken a break since being 7-8 hours into their shift. The amount of times I have gotten yelled at for putting staff on break is extremely shocking to me.

3. They have to work when you have your holiday. 

You have every right to say “Well, you chose that job.” – you know, if you want to be a total ass, sure go ahead and say it. A majority of people working in the hospitality industry are working to make sure YOU and YOUR families are having a memorable holiday instead of spending time with their family. Give cashiers, servers, front desk agents, housekeepers etc. etc. a break. Many of them work countless hours interacting with hundreds and hundreds of people a day – which they should ENJOY doing, so please why do you have to make their lives so miserable? Christmas, new years, summer holidays, march break, winter break, or family day, where do you all go to celebrate? That’s what I thought.

4. “I bought a shirt, and I lost it, can I get another one for free?” 

Tell me if you would ask that at a retail store. No? Well same goes for a restaurant or fast food joint. I am a very empathetic person, and I can tell when you are genuine about your experiences & when you’re trying to get money out of me. If you accidentally dropped your fries right in front of me, simple, I’ll get you another one. If you’re coming to me and saying you dropped your pizza, drink and fries 7 miles away about 3 hours ago and you’re just telling me now…? My hands are kind of tied, no?

5. Does it look like I have the ability to change the price? 

Honestly, I feel silly using this as an example but it is so common for customers to get upset about the prices they see. I could never understand why some people gave me so much attitude because they thought what they were buying was too expensive. LISTEN, my job here is to make sure you get quality food and have a wonderful experience. Does it say anywhere in my job title that I have the ability to change the price of your meal? “Hi first name Bob, last name if your meal is too expensive I can charge less for it nice to meet you.” People, people if it is not in your price range – simple, choose somewhere else!

It really saddens me how some people are treated in the industry. If you expect great customer service, all you have to do is just be a decent human being! That’s it. If it was math, it would be 1+1, but everyone makes it into a E=MC2 equation. As much as I have encountered very insensitive guests, I have also met the most understanding and lovely people who makes me want to go above and beyond the service expectations. So, thank YOU if you were one of those human beings. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing those who give horrible customer service as well. If you are not getting the service you should be, I give you every right to voice your opinion.

All in all, my point is be appreciative to the barista that served you your coffee this morning, and the drive through attendant that gave you your McFlurry, and your server & the cook that made sure your steak was cooked the way you wanted it and your housekeeper that spent the time to make a towel animal to brighten up your day after a long flight and the many more amazing individuals that have chosen this industry to work in regardless of what they endure everyday.


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