#SunsetswithStef – Lake Wilcox Park

Good evening beautiful people! Or morning… or afternoon wherever you are in the world! So I’m starting this new series #SunsetswithStef because sunsets are just so beautiful, how can I NOT share it with you all?! I have always appreciated looking at sunsets, but recently I have been just been absolutely obsessed with them. This obsession kind of all started when one day I was thinking to myself “Why is it that there is nothing to do in my city? Why is it so boring? Why can’t I find places to go? Things to do? Explore?”. Without telling you all exactly where I live, let’s just say it is quite north of Toronto, so I hope that kind of paints a picture for you. Okay, getting off track here. Therefore, instead of moping and complaining about my city I started searching different parks and trails to visit – boy was I in shocked! I did not know SO many beautiful places existed around my area; lo and behold, that brings us here to my sunset views 🙂

Alright, without wasting your time with all my chit chatting, let’s dive right into the photos. This park is located at 1100 Sunset Beach Road, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 4T5. TIP! There isn’t a parking lot made specifically for the park, therefore if you are planning to visit, you will have to find parking nearby. I was there literally right when the sun was setting so I sort of illegally just parked right beside the lake (I don’t advise this children).




Sadly I arrived too close to the sunset time which didn’t allow me enough time to take pictures, but nonetheless I still enjoyed every second of it. It was honestly breathtaking!! Don’t worry though, I got my breath back. (What a horrible joke). The park has sort of a wooden dock (which you can see in the 2nd picture) that you can sit on and comfortably look at the sunset from the best angle. 
I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I love sharing it with you! xo

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