Ladies, let’s stop relying on men for these 5 things 

What do you all see in this picture? You could say a bunch of girls, a bunch of Asians, Asian fever and whatever other racist comment yall got (it’s okay I’m not sensitive about that ish lol #proudAsian). Well let me tell you what I see. I see strong, independent, smart women that can survive with, or without a loyal man by her side. It’s not because I’ve known all these ladies since highschool, but because I really just didn’t want to use a random picture of the internet and deal with credits and all that stuff (LOL). Listen, if this was any picture of a group white women, black women, brown women, purple women, green women, I would say the exact same thing. I believe that every woman has the strength to be their own person – all they need is to start believing in themselves.

In light of what I just said, ladies, ladies, ladies, let’s all do ourselves a favour and stop relying on men for these 5 things.

1. Money 

Now, I know everyone was raised differently and I am aware some cultures have raised their kids to believe that guys have to pay for everything to show that they love their partner. Well, you know what I think, B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. I do not care what reason you can give me, but I will never hold that as an acceptable standard. Men work just as hard for their money as women do, so why does one gender need to pay more to prove something? It makes me so happy to see that women are starting to no longer follow this philosophy. If I want something, I wait for no one to buy it for me.

2. A baggage boy

Ladies, there is a difference between having your boyfriend/husband/significant other help you carry items you can’t carry than using them as a stand to hold your purse, your shopping bags and your latte while you walk empty handed. If you want a servant, hire one. This makes my blood boil when I see this. Men and women are both human beings, which I hope all of you have realized by now with 2 legs, and 2 hands – so let’s use them equally right? I love how nowadays you can even find women more physically stronger than men, people can say it’s weird but I say you go girl, you carry your own purse.

3. A chauffeur 

Now, I am not against men helping to drive their girlfriends/wives to work, school etc etc. What I do draw a line is when women abuse it. Ladies, guys are so happy when they are able to pick you up and drop you off but not to the point where they become your chauffeur without any equal effort. If your man is the one that drives, offer to help pay for gas, a meal or those new rims they want so bad. I drive, so I know the pain of filling up the tank. Girlll, it ain’t pretty when you see the numbers going while you’re filling. To those who make fun of guys when they see their woman driving them, I say you need to sit back down.

4. A miracle maker 

My ladies, I know all of our significant others can seem like superman sometimes but let me smack you and put you back to reality. They are human like I’ve said already, like you and I. If we have a problem, you best believe they have their own fair share as well so stop expecting them to solve all your issues. Again, I am not saying we should not share our feelings and frustration, but we need to help ourselves as much as they help us. They are not some magical fairy creatures with a wand that can fix everything.

5. A mirror

If I like something, I wear it, done deal. Ladies we are completely capable of dressing ourselves. There is no one saying you can’t ask your man for an opinion if the dress you picked out looks cute. But, if they say it’s not cute, what are you going to do? Return it? Heck no. Everyone – humans all have different opinions and tastes and you know what? It’s completely normal. We are all our own individuals because that is the way we were created. We weren’t created in twos – we were born as ones (that is probably not grammatically correct). You be your own mirror. 

Overall, I feel that our society has changed a lot – for the better that is. So, let us continue on this path. Women are so strong and independent now a days that it makes me not want to learn about the history of what women were, but celebrate what women are. As for you men out there, I’ve been guilty of some of the points I wrote in the past so I apologize and boy do I feel your pain – especially when I drive. 


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