Halloween 2016 in the 6ix


Halloween fell on a Monday this year, which is probably a disappointment to the little ones who wanted to stay out late trick or tricking and of course to the parents that have to get up to go to work the next day! This year, I celebrated Halloween in my own city, the infamous 6ix.

My friends and I decided to stay at the Ritz Carlton this year and go to Screemers instead of doing the typical partying, clubbing etc (we are such old people – we honestly get tired at like 8-9pm LOL). Screemers,  for those who don’t know is located at the Canadian National Exhibition where they turn the place into essentially an indoor scream park consisting of multiple themed houses you walk through (or scream/cry through for some).

A little funny story before getting to Screemers. All of us decided okay, we’re going to be at Screemers for 7-8pm so we could be able to do all the mazes and well, get our money’s worth because girlllll the tickets were not cheap – with tax, it came up to almost $40. LEMME TELL YOU, it took us ALMOST THREE HOURS until we left the hotel. Screemers closed at 12am, we left close to 10pm…. Woops. No wonder guys always complain about us. We had loads of fun taking a bagillion pictures though. My friends and I consisted of a battered nurse seeking revenge on a doctor(me), doctor, lumberjack, deer snapchat filter, and sailors.

We just ubered to Screemers cause no one was trying to waste time or money waiting for a bus. It was actually my first time using Uber and wow it is sooo convenient! Now, Screemers in my opinion was not really worth the price point. If it was maybe $20-$25, then sure. But $35-$40? Heck no. The mazes were not bad – I mean it was constructed fairly well, but the monsters weren’t very scary. For example, in one maze, my friends and I were all asking each other where the monsters were LOL … it was just strobe lights and scary music. The only one that REALLY freaked me out was this exorcist girl on a bed literally jumped out at you leaving you literally face to face with her. However, what made our night was when we went into a maze (forgot the name of it) following behind a group of little (when I mean little, I mean like LITTLE) kids. They were SO scared, a monster actually got out of character so that they could continue on with the house! I felt SO bad because they were all gripping onto each with dear life and crying all the way through.

We left at around 11:30pm, and were HUNGRY again at this point so we decided to go get some take out pho (if you haven’t had pho.. you don’t know what heaven tastes like). We arrived back at our hotel and just scarfed that ish down. To end the night, we watched Orphan. After watching it, I could not go to the washroom on my own LOL. My friends kept teasing me saying Esther is in the washroom waiting for you (watch the movie to find out who Esther is!).

To end off the weekend, we checked out (thank god we got a late checkout), which by the way the Ritz was a beautiful hotel – a TV in the mirror, like I didn’t know that actually existed and ate brunch at Frans. I thought the sausages looked so funny, they looked like pig ears (like if you had pig ears before aha – shout out to my south east Asians).

Overall, I had an amazing weekend with friends! I think it’s so important to take time out of your busy schedule and have some fun. It’s all about that yin yang, balance stuff right.

I hope you all had or are going to have a WONDERFUL halloween! 🙂

Wow. Kudos to you if you actually read this all.


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