The day that Canadians go crazy over every year 

“Hey did you hear?! IT SNOWED” 

“You’re lying omg” 

“No seriously look outside” 

“OMG It did. it did.” *snapchats* *instagrams a picture to tell every other Canadian what they already know* 

Hahaha I am sooo guilty of this! But yes, it is absolutely true. Every single year on the first snowfall (if you even want to call it that), all my fellow Canadians look out their window with either the utter most excitement or if you can believe it, absolute disappointment. For me, I can honestly say it is a bit of both. Although I absolutely DESPISE the cold, it gives me a warm (hahaha look at me trying to make myself feel better) reminder that the holidays are fastly approaching 🙂 If you know anything about me, anything about the holidays can get me RIGHT out of bed and out into narnia. So, until then, I’ll be hibernating.

Side note – I wonder what countries that have never seen snow think about us. Do they think we really live in igloos? Someone please let me know.


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