5 reasons why I’m proud to be a Gen Y

20160918_201242You all are probably thinking “Stef, this picture totally contradicts your title..“. Baby boomers I can reaaaaad your mind, each and everyone one of you – yes I see you mom. “Typical teenagers on their phone, even when they’re eating.” And that is the point. This is how we – the Generation Y are viewed, and you know what? I am proud to be born in this revolutionary generation! Let me tell you why.

1. Who helps you with technology/social media? (I know your parents are guilty of this!)

Yup, us! Well.. except me because I’m not the most tech savvy person, but you know what, finding someone who is will literally take no longer than 30 seconds. I feel that we always get criticized because we are always on our phone, computer, laptop etc. but no one ever says wow this generation has really opened our eyes with respects to what technology and social media are capable of. Heck, you can pursue a career on any social media platform now. I mean come on, what would life be like without the Snapchat dog filter? 😉

2. What’s a 9-5?

Adding onto number 1, Gen Y has paved a new path to new career opportunities that no one would have ever blinked an eye to in the past. Prior, the drill was you go to school, graduate, get a job, get married, have kids and you die. Literally. Obviously, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but the options are endless now a days. I think that it is SO amazing and inspiring that our generation has allowed us to turn our passions into an income generating career. You go Mark Zuckerberg!

3. Do I really care if you are black, white, brown, yellow, blue, purple, orange?

I don’t really have to explain myself much here. One of my main reasons I am proud to call myself a Gen Y is we really don’t care much anymore about what colour you are. Now, now, before you all say there is still racism out there – yes, I am aware. Although, what I am trying to emphasize is the stigma of racism has become greatly diluted through our generation. We have become more accepting of one another regardless or religion and colour of our skin. It’s a beautiful rainbow world y’all – embrace it.

4. Is there such thing as a bad idea? 

No, I don’t mean jumping off a building or running through New York city with a knife in your hand. Unless you’re about that life. What I really mean is we are starting to say yes alot more than no. Why? Because our generation knows potential, we are living proof of it. In school, at home, at work, you will always hear the “You shouldn’t do this, but you should do this” which obviously to an extent it is appropriate, but Gen Y are the ones that are really questioning what their purpose is to remaining within these set boundaries. You colour outside the lines little ones!

5. When life gives you lemons? 

You makeeeee whatever the heck you want! Because I don’t really like lemonade. This is my absolute favourite part about being a Gen Y. We LIVE life. What makes me incredibly happy is the fact that so many of us around the world don’t want to just cruise by life with no purpose. Our parents grew up during a time where they may have not had the opportunity to enjoy life like we are which is something we should not take for granted.

Now, of course with strengths, we will have weaknesses, but my point of this post is to shed some light through the horrible image society has painted us. Baby boomers, we’re not judging you so embrace us, and utilize us!  I obviously do not speak for every single individual, but generally, our society has come a long way and it is pretty darn amazing where we are at right now. I hope everyone uses their lemons in any way they’d like! 😉


2 thoughts on “5 reasons why I’m proud to be a Gen Y

  1. Anya D says:

    Really good points 🙂 I like how it’s looking at our generation from a positive perspective and all the things we’ve contributed. Im glad you shared your blog! Keep it up Stef 😀 ❤


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