I fall for fall every year

I know y’all love my cheesy title. As the title exactly suggests, fall is my favouuuuuurite season. I absolutely LOVE LOVE fall, and of course especially in Canada. Although I love my tan in the summer, the heat can get a little much sometimes where I can feel like I am being cooked alive. Fall on the other hand is absolutely beauteeeful 🙂 Obviously the leaves changing colours is a sight to see every day but the BEST part is fall attire. If you know me, you know jeans, thigh high boots and sweaters are my favourite clothing pieces to wear.

This year’s Thanksgiving weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to show my cousin around as he had visited alllll the way from Switzerland! He had seen all the fancy shmancy Toronto sightings already, so we decided to show him a little sumn sumn about nature in Canada.We went to Scarborough Bluffs which lemme tell you – my GOODNESS was it BEAUTIFUL! When I saw the view, I was in absolute shock this place is actually located in Canada. If you are deciding to visit, it will be good to know that you are actually not allowed to hike up to the bluffs (which I had thought this whole time). You drive up to this address – 61 Under Cliff Dr, Scarborough, ON M1N 3Z5 if you want to see the top view, and if you want to hit the beach/see the bottom view, you drive to this address – 1 Brimley Rd S, Scaborough, Ontario M1N 3Z5, Canada.

I ended off the weekend going apple picking for the first time with some friends and AH it was soooo much fun. I mostly took pictures and ate a bunch of apples. If anyone needs my opinion on apples, honey crisp is the bomb.com. 😉 As well, what is fall without an amateur fall photoshoot?! These pictures were honestly just behind our house haha. My sisters and I can spend hours and hours taking pictures – I think that is probably the one activity we can spend forever with each other and not get bored.

I hope you all are having a wonderful fall! I sure will be sad when the winter storms start up shortly!


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