About me

Hey new friend! My name is Stefani (yes – no ph and no e) and well, the best way to describe me is a very, very big child living out here in maple syrup & igloo infested Canadia just trying to figure out life like everyone else out here in this place we call earth. I created this blog as an outlet for myself where I can be myself. While rekindling my love for creativity, writing and photography, this blog is an outlet for basically that – so that is where “infiniteimperefectionist” came to life!

Why that name? Simple. I love imperfections. I am a imperfect human being, just like the rest of you living in a world that constantly strives for perfection – there is no such thing as perfection.

Since this is an about me page, I should probably tell you a thing or two about me, ya? Food and sleep. There you go, you pretty much know me already. If you want to be a little nosier and want to know a little more about me – check out Get to know me!. So feel free to read my blog posts, leave me messages, comment some funny things on my pictures and I guess we’re kinda basically virtual best friends now?!

You can follow me @ instagram.com/stefspeaks_


Stef ♥